Inoue: Mr. Ishikawa's brushes are also unique in their materials.

Ishikawa: Our brush is a material used for brushes, and uses a special type of hair called Owakige, a horse's armpit hair. Clothes brushes use horse hair, which has a long tail, but all other brushes use this.

However, real hair is too thick and hard to make into a clothes brush. It's too thick and hard, so I take long hair to make a brush. If you lengthen the hair, the repulsive force will be halved, so the hair will gradually expand as you use it.


Inoue: How is the best way to use Ishikawa Clothes Brush? When I look on the internet, I often see articles that say, "Please brush gently."

Ishikawa: "Gentle and soft" sounds good, but that doesn't remove the dust. I want to get rid of the dust in the eyes of the fabric, so please put a lot of effort into it.

By the way, cashmere fluff becomes pills when rubbed. Because it looks cheap with pills, if you cut it with a pill remover, the dough will become thinner.

Hairballs are also important cashmere. Please loosen it with a brush because it is a waste. The pills are just entwined with cashmere hair, so brushing them early to loosen them will make them cleaner.

Inoue: Is it better not to use cashmere stalls for cleaning?

Ishikawa: We recommend that you wash cashmere stoles and knits at home. The reason why cleaning is not good is that petroleum-based detergents remove natural fats.

Because cashmere is a natural material. Doesn't it originally have fat? It decomposes perfectly and removes the roots, so it's natural that the oil will come off and it will come back dry.

The fat content, which is the texture and luster of the dough, is the most important thing. It's like life. It's disassembled and taken. I don't mean to take care of it.

Isn't it only the sweat of the person and the fat of the person that are attached? It's not the sweat of someone else, so brush it often. It's okay if you let the wind through.


Ishikawa: When you come back from the outside, you inhale dust and pollen, so brush in the direction of the reverse hair. Once the dust in the hair has been removed, brush along the flow of the hair. I would like you to make it a habit to put it in the closet in that state.

For areas that are persistently dirty, it is best to wipe them with a cloth moistened with hot water. If you blow spills on the spot as soon as possible, most of the stains will be okay.

Natural things are made to dislike dirt. This is enough.


What did you think.

Listening to Mr. Ishikawa, you can see how we have been swayed by the wrong common sense of care and cleaning.

Using the Ishikawa brush and caring for cashmere stoles and important clothes will help reduce dry cleaning.

Reducing petroleum-based dry cleaning will lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide and prevention of global warming, and will also contribute to the limited global resources.


Ishikawa brushes are made with philosophy.

The philosophy is to cherish things and to choose things that do not burden the global environment as much as possible. For those of us who have enjoyed mass production and mass consumption since the 20th century, it may be time to make choices in consideration of the environment.

EDWARD BROWN also supports maintenance and repair after using Ishikawa brush for a long time.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase or patronage, please feel free to contact us. Professional staff will carefully explain how to use and maintain.