JOURNAL introduces people, things, and things that we really think are good. This time, we interviewed Mr. Kazuo Ishikawa, the representative of Ishikawa Clothes Brush.

It is said that there is no clothes brush on the right, and Ishikawa clothes brush is the last one that true clothes lovers will reach.

Please enjoy the story contained in one brush, from the philosophy of manufacturing to the back side of the apparel industry that no one can tell.

journal イシカワブラシ

Inoue: It's been 5 years since we started handling cashmere stoles, but I've been worried about care and laundry for a long time. Generally, it is common sense to dry clean cashmere stoles and mufflers, but I don't like the slight changes in texture.

Regarding brushing, I bought about 20 clothes brushes from various manufacturers, but all of them had hard hair or widened hair. The only thing I wanted to use was the Ishikawa clothes brush.

Will you handle it there? I received an angry reply from Mr. Ishikawa with a terrible swordsman (laughs). The cause was the blog I posted before, but I have to understand clothes brushes and maintenance at all (laughs).

Call me to see you soon. It was the first time I went to see him.

journal イシカワブラシ02

Ishikawa: People in the fashion industry are working hard on design and silhouettes, but when they say, "Then, how do you care for this on a daily basis?", No one answers. The fact that no one answers daily care means that customers are completely missing out.

The important thing is everyday. Is it possible for customers to be satisfied just by saying "it suits you" to the seller?

In fact, a customer who consulted with us sent his clothes to the person with the highest cleaning. But when it's finished, it loses its luster, and it's stiff. When I said, "What should I do with this?", No one cares for it. Then, the customer also gives up, "I wonder if this is the case."

If you spend a lot of money, hurt your nerves, and give up at the end, the customer is the most stupid. The result of trying to solve the problem is the Ishikawa Clothes Brush.

When I talked about this story with the manager of a famous brand store, he said, "Tell me that, if the suit lasts a long time, the next one won't sell."

I said, "Why don't you stop it?"

journal イシカワブラシ04

Ishikawa: When Japan was in high growth, disposables were a culture and consumption was a virtue. Isn't the result a "garbage pile"?

There are so many things, and the eyes of our customers are getting better. No one who likes fashion says, "I have a suit last year, so I won't buy it this year."

If you really like fashion, buy it.

Rather than that, if you tell them that it is daily care or that they are in good condition and give them a suggestion, "How about this?", The relationship of trust between the salesperson and the customer should be deepened. ..

journal イシカワブラシ04

Inoue: We want the brand Edward Brown to become the standard for wardrobes in 5 to 10 years.

For 5 years and 10 years to continue using cashmere stoles. I think I absolutely need a care tool and the best brushes.

It is important to have the stall in your hands, but I thought that I had to tell you how to care for it so that you could use it for a long time.

journal イシカワブラシ05

Ishikawa: To be honest, it's difficult to do just by looking at business. From the concept of clothes brush, 15,000 yen is expensive.

Inoue: If you dig deeper into the care and care of cashmere, you'll only find the Ishikawa clothes brush.

Ishikawa: That's right. What is our process until you understand it? It's hard work.

journal イシカワブラシ06

Inoue: It's an Edward Brown stole, but in fact, quite young people buy it. At that time, I would like you to pay attention to daily care, but there are also places where you can really buy a brush that is many times more expensive than a stall.

Ishikawa: For young children, even 50,000 yen is quite impossible. A 50,000 yen brush is a suit, a coat, and a thick cashmere stole. If it's centered around here, this class would be fine.

The better it is, the more versatile it will be.

journal イシカワブラシ07

Ishikawa: I often get inquiries from me and ask, "Are brushes and knits for 50,000 yen useless?" There is a difference because I say it in my rank. Compared to brushes from other places, my 50,000 yen brush should be much better.

So in the end, the customer is telling us to judge the value.

Inoue: Cashmere products are sold in various places, but I think apparel makers have a duty to properly convey the characteristics and care of the materials. Including things that are difficult to say.

The choice between "buying" and "not buying" Ishikawa clothing brushes is at the customer's discretion. It's very reasonable in the long run to get a good brush, even if you're a little overwhelmed or put up with buying clothes.

I want to convey it properly.

journal イシカワブラシ08

Ishikawa: It's a criterion for judging whether it's expensive or cheap, but if you look at the absolute amount, you can see that 15,000 yen is cheap and 120,000 yen is expensive, anyone.

However, in the long run, I think that my 120,000 yen brush is cheap. Is it the value of the price? The question is whether you can look at that area calmly.

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