Although it is generally recommended to wash cashmere products by dry cleaning, the texture of cashmere may be significantly impaired due to the use of petroleum-based solvents.

We recommend cleaning with a clothes brush to maintain the texture of the cashmere material.

Daily care
・ When you come back from going out, use a brush to remove dust and dirt.
・ If you are concerned about the smell, use a deodorant spray.
・ Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

Care for stains and stains
・ Hand wash stains and stains with a commercially available stain remover or neutral detergent.

In addition to the above, regular maintenance with Ishikawa brush is recommended.

If you bring it to the shop, we will perform maintenance of brushing with Ishikawa brush. It may take about an hour when it is crowded.

For distant customers, we also support maintenance by mail, so please contact us by email or CONTACT US .