I'm Inoue, an EDWARD BROWN designer.

Thank you very much for your interest in our cashmere stoles.

Here, I would like to tell you the story of the completion of the EDWARD BROWN stall and our thoughts. I would be very happy if you could give me a little precious time.

EDWARD BROWN is an original brand that we design, produce and sell.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to deliver many stalls to our customers, including Johnstons.

One day a few years ago, I was talking on the phone with a customer who was considering purchasing a Johnstons stall. There, I realized that there is a common problem among customers who use cashmere stoles from overseas brands.


The first point is the price.

For example, the domestic price of Johnstons cashmere stoles is 68,200 yen. This is a high price hurdle no matter how you think about it. We were able to reduce the offer price to 49,500 yen by dealing directly with the manufacturer.

However, there was another problem here as well.

Even if we did business directly with the manufacturer, Rakuten and Amazon were selling cashmere stalls with prices in the 20,000 to 30,000 yen range, which are significantly lower than the transaction price with the manufacturer.

It is a matter of genuine and fake.

It's hard to say that these shops sell fake products, but there are a lot of cashmere stalls at prices that you don't know where they are procuring.


Third is the issue of advertising costs.

Advertising is often required to get you to know about well-known brands such as Johnstons. We have no choice but to set our selling price to include advertising costs.

I thought many times that I could offer even better products if there were no problems with genuine products or counterfeit products, and there were no extra items such as intermediate margins.

And we decided to produce cashmere stoles of higher quality and more affordable than any brand sold in Japan.

That is the cashmere stole of EDWARD BROWN.


To release the EDWARD BROWN stall, we started by looking for a manufacturer to produce very high quality cashmere stalls. The destination was the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China. It is an area called INNER MONGOLIA in English.

This area is known worldwide as a cashmere producer.

 Cashmere, a world-famous brand, including Johnstons, also uses products from Inner Mongolia. We decided to use the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia luxuriously and aim for in-house production at our factory in Inner Mongolia.

By producing locally, extra transportation costs and indirect costs can be cut as much as possible, and labor costs can be reduced compared to manufacturing in Japan.

Of course, the quality of the stall must exceed that of overseas brands such as Johnstons.


When we look for a local partner, the most important thing is people.

What do the people who work there value and what kind of vision do they have in their work? Unless we and our local partners share the same feelings, a wonderful product will never be born.

Before starting the production of cashmere stoles, I visited many exhibitions and talked with the people in charge of various manufacturers. Finally, I was able to meet a partner who could create the ideal cashmere stole together.




These photos were taken at our local partner, the Cashmere Stall Factory. We have thoroughly confirmed the production scenery of traditional cashmere stoles with dyeing / weaving / washing / tagging.

Next, I would like to tell you about the quality of cashmere stoles. The price of cashmere stoles is determined by three factors.

1. Cashmere quality
2. The size of the stall
3. Weight of stall

The price depends on how high quality cashmere you use and how much you use.



For reference, the Johnstons stall is 190 cm x 70 cm / 380 g. This large size and weight are very satisfying to wear.

You can fully enjoy the texture of cashmere, and the large size allows you to arrange various winding methods.

The EDWARD BROWN cashmere stole is also made in this size and weight.


For reference, cashmere stalls made by Japanese manufacturers are also exhibited at Rakuten and Amazon, but most of them are made with a reduced amount of cashmere.

Although the size is large, the cashmere is not densely woven and it is not heavy, so it can be sold at a low cost and at a low price.

We would like to convey not only the design and color of the appearance, but also the proper information so that you can use the high-quality cashmere stole for a long time.


Higher quality cashmere stoles at affordable prices. Good quality is timeless. You can use it for more than 10 years by caring for it while having an attachment. I aimed for such a cashmere stole.

The EDWARD BROWN stole, which we recommend with ourselves, is luxuriously made with high-quality cashmere. At the Omotesando shop, you can actually check the quality and design by hand.

For those who cannot come to the shop far away, we also offer a 7-day return guarantee for online purchases. We will respond even if the texture and color are different from the image.

Please pick up the EDWARD BROWN stall. We promise a feel and satisfaction that you have never met.



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