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Care Guide

Although dry cleaning is generally recommended for cashmere products, the use of petroleum-based solvents can seriously damage the texture of cashmere.

In order to maintain the texture of cashmere, EDWARD BROWN recommends using a clothes brush to care for your cashmere products.

Daily care
・When returning from outings, brush off dust and dirt
・If you are concerned about the smell, use deodorant spray
・Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

Care for stains and spots
・Wash the stained area by hand with a commercially available stain remover or neutral detergent.

For long-term storage
・Do not store in a plastic case, at the back of a closet, or in a vacuum bag
・Store in a well-ventilated place as much as possible, such as on hangers in a closet

In addition to the above, we recommend regular maintenance with an ISHIKAWA brush.

If you bring your item to the store, we will perform the maintenance of brushing with an ISHIKAWA brush. It will take 2~3 business days to complete the maintenance, and we will send it back to you by mail. (2,200 yen including tax and shipping costs)

If you live far away, we can also do maintenance by mail, so please contact us by e-mail or CONTACT US.