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Cashmere stole Otter

Sale price$214.57

Size 190cm×70cm 380g
Pure cashmere 100%
Made in Inner Mongolia

A large-sized cashmere stole luxuriously woven from carefully selected rare pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia. The raw cashmere wool, which is firm yet soft to the touch, is carefully dyed over time.

This item is sold exclusively online and will not be displayed or stocked in stores. Comes with a box engraved with the brand logo.

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カシミヤストール ナチュラルブラウン ブランド レディース メンズ 最高級 カシミア 100 大判 ショール 厚手 人気 オンライン限定
Cashmere stole Otter Sale price$214.57